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one does not "play" vlad dracula at their leisure

My ways are not your ways, as you know, but I do not recall when it was decided that I was the one who came when you called. Did we have such a conversation, fată?

I believe we did not.

[And it's all about what Vlad believes, duh.]

Shall we have it now, or shall you do as I say yet again? How do you put? "The gang" might be pleased to see me again, would they not?

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[How did you know what she was thinking?]

If you're still entertaining thoughts of control in this partnership, I see you haven't changed.
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Only a year? I didn't think it'd been that long.

[Can you tell she isn't happy. Can you. Because it might be kind of subtle.

Y'know. To someone deaf, blind, and lacking a brain.]
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She'll just play it close like she always does and look at him without making eye contact. It works in The Dresden Files, stfu]

Nothing polite. Were you expecting me to?
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She gives the slightest of tight smiles. Fool-me-once and all that.]

For one, we come from very different societies. For another, I'm not exactly big on its opinion either way.

So no, you can keep the psuedo-compliments.
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gtfo of the details of her life, sir, because you are not welcome. >T]

I serve my society. Anything negative that comes from it, comes from it. [read: she deals.] At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with my opinion of you. [Except it kind of does. In a way.

Because self-absorbed power hounds who view others as property is soooomething of a sensitive topic, yeah.]
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RE comeback fail ftl (ftw? idk)

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[Depends on the exorcist. And the vampire. Jill's only known one of each (to her knowledge), so you can see how the odds have stacked themselves.

Awwww no.]

I didn't think I had to say anything at this point. But if you want me to be thorough, then rest assured, I still consider you among the ranks of every other narcissistic lowlife I've dealt with.

[...At least she didn't spit out a pathetic in there somewhere.

That insult(?) is reserved for Wesker only.]
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oh you

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[Dear God that ego]

I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be the case if you asked some of them. You're unique, I'll give you that, but that's a far cry from deserving any kind of respect.
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[She gives the flattest stare she's capable of giving without making eye contact.]

Is that a threat?
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[do I need to bring back the nocat.gif]

In that case: no. I remember perfectly fine.

[/flattest of flat tones that was ever flat]