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The Monster In Me

This is not a good idea. I should not be here, with normal people.

You have to let me go back to the school. It is safe for me there. Here I am a danger to everyone.

Please reconsider.
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You might, of course, consider being amongst those of us who are more abnormal.
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idie's my favorite light i just love her a whole lot :c

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And we do our best to maintain that safety, as it's the express purpose of the establishment! Even in the City, where I've found myself more recently, we made certain to establish a local branch.
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i've always wanted one at capeandcowl ngl

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No no, not in the least! It's much more similar to New York, early identical, in fact. Simply more generically named.

But the mechanics regarding time travel involved result in an experience that goes entirely unrecognized by the populace on one's native timestream. I am, in fact, currently home at the Jean Grey School at the moment rather than in the City, though I expect I'll return within the week.
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we would love to have you a lot C:

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Relatively. It isn't entirely safe, perhaps, but in comparison to home? It has its peaceful moments!
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i also play kanaya from homestuck and always thought they'd be frands until idie found out she's gay

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Well, I've always considered the danger from without greater than that from within, personally.
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and the hope to be mothers one day, the whole monsters fighting monsters mindset, lots in common! :c

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There will always be those who fear what is different, but I think at least the degree to which it's experienced in the City is...somewhat lessened. It's been something of a break from home.
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I wouldn't say that, exactly, so much as that the militarization of the opposition has been negligible, nearly even nonexistent! It would be more often encountered as individual attitudes, in my experience.
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I'd like to hope it could be. There are challenges before us to address, but they don't seem nearly so insurmountable anymore. There's less history behind the adversities in the City.
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Well, opposition can come in many forms, not all of them violent. Though there is one singular coalition who seems to begrudge us our abilities and has gone to great lengths to duplicate them, at times at the suffering of our own community.

Beyond the science, however, Vulcanus' major front of attack seems largely to be publicity. But they have been quiet lately.
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To say that we need be better implies that we are sick. That isn't the case, Ms. Okonkwo.

There have been some, yes. The targets from which the initial samples were removed, and many of the first recipients of the resulting grafts, though not all as a result of the grafts themselves. The entire topic sparked some rioting in August, and some casualties were suffered from that.

They've recently begun cleaning their tracks, also, and this has had sad and fatal results for certain individuals only involved indirectly.
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Yes, well, not only them, but their associates as well...

[He sounds tentative. Despite his association with the Avengers, his priority is largely in defense than striking. ...But then, we was a member of that team back in the day, as well. Nonetheless, Amanda was always at the forefront of such campaigns, and he'd stand as always behind her.]

I will do what I am capable of, this much I can promise.
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