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tsun over drop

I've had worse.

...Don't waste time thinking about what was and what might've been. They can handle themselves alone, I don't ever make weak frien allies.

Just ...get out there and be productive, huh?

Time's wasting, and I don't like idle servos.

I expect - and demand - better of you.
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...Well, this makes our last conversation rather ironic. [If only because he wanted his mun to leave him alone.]

But, safe and happy travels to you, and your mun.
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Not so sad, I should think. It sounds like another path, another journey, another opportunity.

Your mun has good taste.
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Things really could be worse.

Though admittedly, I'm not sure what she exactly sees in us--unless she likes fliers....
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I was under the impression most people don't appreciate personalities normally as temperamental as us--at least, that seems to so far be the one thing we all have in common.
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[Sounds amused.] I'm to be a project, then?

[Better than Ratchet's, anyway.]
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Hmm, sounds like something close to perfect....
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poor mirrorscream's brain XD

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Now that's--



What do you mean...have you done it before?
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Re: lmao he is adorable

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I don't know if it's a matter of trust, I just--

...Well, despite the facts, I still sort of you see you as someone else, not another version of me, so I could almost pretend it wouldn't be as...awkward as I would think....

But then I--it's just a little fast.

[And it just occurred to him that his Megatron would probably just be vastly amused by the whole thing. And Knock Out too. Probably the whole Nemesis crew would seize it as the latest gossip.]
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Some high grade would be nice....
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ha ha i still want him to be starscream, tho one with actual morals

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I apparently have enough pride to desire quality drink before a nice frag.

...Blurr? I thought you said nothing of the sort happened between you two. [Sounds amused, even teasing. Then he sounds curious.] What is that Blurr like?
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that i can see--super cool! and my headcanon on mirror!blurr here

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[Scoffs.] Definitely have enough pride to refuse a bribe for something like that. [Turns a bit more playful and even apologetic.] My apologies, I only meant to tease. [He's still wondering if the other fellow was teasing him the whole time about the frag to begin with.]

[Blinks.] How interesting the things that stay the same. [Beat.] Not that--well, in any case, my world's Blurr is working with us now. Shockwave, mainly. [It's complicated.]