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some characters just don't understand being retired, canon is Dracula

Ah, look who has returned, the prodigal daughter, the woman behind the impressively advanced typewriter.

I must say you have disappointed me, dear girl, for all this terrible neglect. You must work very hard to make up for it, and do so with all haste. Let us find someplace new, shall we? I think my very presence livened up the old place, do you not?
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late as always but omg yay <3

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"Livened up" is one term for it.

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guess it comes with the old age huh

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"Induced chaos," "hurt innocent people," "disrupted lives."

I'm not too particular.
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funny that you'd say that considering it's actually been a while /COUGH .../effing typos

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People are capable of bouncing back after a time. Eventually, you'll just be a bad memory for everyone involved.

[Flatly] So don't give yourself too much credit.
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lmao I know you're awesome enough to handle it

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[Eyebrow up]

More resolve than...?
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I'll take that as a compliment.