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Huh? Really? You're gonna send me to space again? Or some planet? Isn't that the same?

...What's with you and space and planets and holes anyway?

Well, I guess as long as those Purist bas- uh, guys aren't around- but I'm not afraid to show them not to mess with me if they are there though! That guy sure wasn't expecting a punch for shooting at me last time. Kheheh! Knocked 'im out in one damn hit, yeah!! ['dattebane']

Yeah. I know nobody is going to be there that I know, but I can handle it. As for having my home destroyed, well I can handle that too. It's already happened twice, right?

At least this time it isn't 'cause of some dumb bowling accident. Whatever 'bowling' is.
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You really knocked the crap outta that guy, y'know.
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Anybody that messes with my mom gets their ass beat, and it's not even from me, heh!
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[What are social standards? Psssssh.]

Yeah, but you were the one gettin' shot at, y'know. Nothin' wrong with me jumping in to help. 'Course, I didn't know what was goin' on.

[The most protective son ever. EVER. Mommy don't leave me againnnnnnnnn.]
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Psh! Gettin' hurt? You know me better than that. Heh!
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Nope. Whaddaya mean?
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[Awww, mom. He grins and brushes the tip of his nose with his thumb.]

It's the same way for me too, y'know. I wouldn't let anything happen to you, mom.
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Sounds like a compliment to me.
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[What kinda question is that? Of course he does, mom!]

[Just a big derpy grin.]
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[Statement then. Geez. So technical. Chick.]

'Course I do! You're the toughest shinobi ever, y'know!
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Heh, well, it's like I said -- I wanna be stronger than you and more badass than dad, y'know.
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I won't let you and dad down.

And, uhhh, I don't think anybody could ever be as pervy as ero-sennin.
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Heh, that's because he's one of the greatest shinobi that ever lived, and he taught me a lot about... everything.
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[No, they never really talked about it.]

What's that mean?
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[It's funny. Jiraiya always did feel like family to Naruto. He grins a little and rubs the back of his head.]

Uncle, huh? For a long time... ero-sennin felt like the only family I had. So I can kinda see what you mean.

And yeah, I read the book too, heh. That's why I'm proud of my name -- you and dad and ero-sennin all gave it to me.
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Yeah. I think I get what he means.

[Because even though there was a time when everyone hated him and he felt like he was just an outcast, he knows things are different. They all do feel like family, especially people like Iruka and his friends.]
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Actually! I plan on surpassing even dad, y'know!
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I think I've got a long way to go.

[Because you guys are the best.]
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It'll be our secret then, y'know. Heh.
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[Yes. Silly secrets are fun. He grins and nods enthusiastically. You know what else is fun to do to Minato? Pranks.]

Good things he's not listening right now.