Apr. 27th, 2017

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Yes, I'm back, as if you never intended to pick up the old version ever again. Oh...you didn't, did you? Too much for the old thing to handle? Eventually this adventure will bloat out of control, too.

[Annoyed tail flick.]

Yes, well...here I am, and here we are. Back at the beginning again. I trust the core decisions will remain the same. My domestic life, which side of the civil war I land on... The Thieves' Guild was an accident, will that be the same?

I wonder what won't be?
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My Dearest Mun,

I know that it has been a great many years since you have participated in a place like this, and from my perspective, I can see why you have kept me in such a neat (and well tended) little home. The natives here are rather bizarre at best. And from the ones with family connections, it is shocking to see how things have turned out. The thought of Dio as a vampire brings a sense of panic and dread I never imagined experiencing. As if he has not been a challenge enough to manage without fangs!

But this isn't about my perspective right now, is it? You and I are both cut from a similar cloth, which is why we have worked so well together these past few years. And you have brought me on more adventures than any other muse you have ever had. For your perseverance and dedication, you will always, always have my gratitude.

I know you are facing a great many challenges right now and you have battles ahead of your own to fight. I also know you have often felt lost and alone in regards to a dear friend. But I have watched you through these years and I know you, you will not give up, and you are not as alone as your mind is making you feel.

Have heart! I am always with you in spirit and my strength is yours. Let the mark we both share be a reminder of that.

Jonathan Joestar
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Give me one reason that I should go along with this when I just spent the last few weeks getting played and yanked around by people with agendas who hand-on-their-heart swore they were trustworthy.

[Well, y'know. You could go to jail if you don't go to a game, Brendan. The game is probably better just by default.]

I doubt it. Even with the slip-up with the evidence, it's easier to pin everything on the suspects they've got and cops aren't really known for being thorough. They like open and shut cases. So do I when I can actually find them. I also like working alone or at most with one person who I know for a fact isn't going to be at the game. This whole thing is going to end the way it always ends, somebody in jail, someone else's fist in my gut and too late to do any real good. Did you tune out when I was talking to the VP? I don't do heroics. Don't think anyone really does, honestly, regardless of what they tell me, you or themselves.

Do what you gotta do to let me go. It's not going to work out otherwise.