Apr. 24th, 2017

voyagerchief: (mmm ☸ I am everything I've learned)
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Well... [She puts her hands on her hips.] It is technically a voyage. [Only in "space" and not the sea.]

So. This "voyage"...do we have anything planned yet? Or is it all in the air? I mean, we found an island for my people so it's not like I need to be home anytime soon.
whitescalesbigmouth: (Saft - Can't be tamed)
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Well of course I'm gonna defend my friends like that

...I might as well use the whole actual "big scary monster girl" thing to my advantage once in a while, people won't take me seriously unless I start baring my fangs and setting a few things on fire to get my point across right?

[Saft, noooooooo.]

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