Feb. 20th, 2017

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Hey mun? I know you're trying to decide who to pick up, but pick me! We can play lots of Go together. I'll teach you! And you said there was someone named Annabeth in game who would play with me. I WANT TO PLAY WITH HER!

And this Cole? Is he a ghost too? Am I going to really be alive again? DOES THAT MEAN I CAN FINALLY PLAY GO MYSELF AND TOUCH THE STONES?

Hey Mun? Are you listening to me?
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Salutations, my lady. I am most honored that you have given me your time and attention while you engage in this most curious form of entertainment, though if I may, perhaps you'll care to enlighten me as to your purpose in doing thus?

...and what is this 'shipping' that I keep hearing about? Am I expected to engage in naval combat?