Feb. 15th, 2017

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Oh, hello!

I do admit, I miss stretching my legs. I don't sleep after all, so it would be very nice to have something to do while I'm always up and in motion! I don't know if I'm really eager to be kidnapped ever again, though. As important as Luceti was, I think it's nicer to imagine a world where people aren't whisked away from their homes, right?

Though I guess it's good for some people, too, isn't it? We don't all hate being away from what we know... Some get a second chance!

I won't ever forget some of the second chances I got to see. 

I think many would agree with me. Sometimes... being kidnapped is good, right? Or is that bad to say?

[... Ah.]

Oh, yes! I was going to ask!

Who are you, again?

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( the mun finally caved in and made him an account. )

Almost a year — actually, three years. That's when you first started reading the comics. And you were able to hold off until just now? ( color him impressed. not many people — especially women — are able to exert that much self-control around him. in fact, he'd almost go as far as to say that the panther god must've blessed the mun with a great amount of self-control and patience. except he's fully aware that, when it comes to everything else, it's the opposite. )
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You seem to like shoving me into middle age. First you tried me raising a baby, now you've got me buying a house. You're dropping some pretty big hints here, Mun. Are you trying to say something?

Anyway. We'll see what happens. I like the idea of having a future but I'll believe it when it actually becomes concrete. I've seen too many happy endings fall apart at the last minute. And too many people being a dick besides.

But if nothing else at least I got to say hello to Jeff again. That's a real happy ending, getting to know that he and his mun are okay. That matters more than any made-up happiness.

Now if you need me I'll be putting together my new furniture.
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I know you thought about trying me out from when I was younger, but think of it as an upgrade! Now you have a distinguished actor-looking gentleman to class up this head of yours! Eeheehee!

[While Joseph's thrilled to be picked over his younger self, he can't help but grumble about the choice of username:] Too bad "yournextlineis" was taken; I'd have preferred that. [At least he didn't wind up with a hand-related pun...] Still, as long as there's no planes out there, I shouldn't have to worry about that happening again. [Watch - he'll immediately run into Starscream, or a sentient plane, or something.]
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I must say this is a nice change. Being out of your head and not being trapped in that- what did you call it? Headspace. Yes, that's it. I do enjoy being out and about, stretching my legs and not being tied down.

You know how it is.

[He's a complete cocky asshole and he knows it. But, he's got enough balls to overcome that.]
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I hadn't foreseen this either, Mundane. In his current condition, he has to know how this is likely to end.

{ Zeref should be frowning. He isn't. Actually, he's smiling; a sort of melancholy, knowing smile. Gray really does have a lot in common with Natsu. Almost like... brothers. }

I hope, at least, that Natsu can take comfort in knowing that this will be over quickly.