Jan. 28th, 2017

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I think it is fairly obvious what is going on here and it would probably be the most beneficial to you to reconsider this plan of action.
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Once more, I find my work being obstructed by human emotion.  Specifically, it's those troublesome "doubts" that plague you, mun.  Your initial excitement over my upgraded lore has brought you to the point of creating a journal for me, but now you find yourself doubting every word you type.  

I'm well aware of your worries; yes it has been some time since you've done something like this, and yes you've never had a voice quite like mine.  But for me to work with you, I need you to work past these troublesome doubts of yours.  

If you'd like, I could get rid of them for you.  Along with some other insignificant emotions as well.