Jan. 20th, 2017

spider: (➟l andfill.)
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 I don't make the rules.

[ Choo, choo. ]

Those rules, anyways.
forever_sonic: (In other words - I love you)
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No. NO.

Don't you bloody dare. I like this look, thank you. And the eyes.


Stop it.
nabooangel: (Default)
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I know you are considering letting me step back out but I think you should seriously consider everything before reaching your final decision.
elusivejulia: (Love is the tender trap)
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Maybe you should put your energy into something else?

Never really thought of myself as being worth a second look.
vermil_lion: (it's not a resting bitch face)
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We... [Keith swallows, clearly holding back...something, but looks more determined than ever] We'll find him.

I swear we will.