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checking out games for beast, maybe.

Who would want me around when I'm like this? I — I don't understand how you expect me to show my face!
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Those who would judge you based on your appearance are not worth your sorrow, monsieur.

[Esme smiles a small, heartfelt smile.]

But not everyone is like that. There is goodness in the world...I hope you have experienced it.
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[She would never ignore a big fluffy sulker! ♥ ]

In that case, you might be surprised.
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[She curtsies gracefully, then smiles up at him expectantly.]

Aren't you going to ask me what you might be surprised by?
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[Oho, she wasn't expecting that answer - she raises her eyebrows in surprise, but admiration is evident in her expression, too. She laughs lightly in response.]

Point taken. Let's hope I'm around when it happens, then.
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Involved in helping you see that there are those who would want you around?

[Her playful tone softens.]

Yes. I hope so.
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[She taps one finger against the side of her face, affecting to give this serious thought.]

Hmm, I may have to give you my answer tomorrow...

[But she can't tease him like that for very long! She turns a smile full of warmth in his direction.]
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Ah! Is your home very far? Where is it?
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I live in Paris - that makes us neighbors.

[Kind of sort of? :D?]

Have you ever visited Paris?
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[Her expression brightens - she loves her hometown, and it's obvious by the way she speaks of it.]

It's beautiful, isn't it? There's no other city like it.

And I suppose I wouldn't have to travel very far to give you my answer. But it seems I've already made up my mind.

[She shrugs elegantly - oh well, nothing for it.]
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And the way the lights look when they reflect upon la Seine, when the moon is shining...

She sighs a little happy sigh.]

It's like all is right in the world as long as those lights are shining, and the music is still playing.

[Sudden thought!]

Do you like music?

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He does not get paid enough for this god
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What are you even doing here, she's trying to convince the poor heart-weary prince that the world isn't all bleakness and darkness and then YOU show up. GO AWAY YOU'RE RUINING HER THEORY.

Oh but tell Quasi she says hi. ^^]
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[But you never try to convince HIM that he's awesome and the best and also will live in his basement so HE'S JUST JEALOUS

Quasi? Who is that?
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[Aww, bb. Do you need convincing? Was the world mean to you? IT'S SO HARD HUNTING DOWN INNOCENTS come over here so Esme can give you a a piece of her mind hug.

Her bff, the one you adopted years ago? Yeah. D:]

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