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Do anniversaries work that way? (crossposted to [community profile] dear_player, canon is SOD's ふたなり村)

So what if the ninth anniversary of our canon is also the 11th anniversary of another milestone in the history of intemorphic art? I'm not sure it "averages out to a tenth anniversary", heibon-kun.

Not that I'm actually opposed to your idea, as long as the canon version of Hataka-mura is still one of the options. We promised Harley-chan a visit years ago, and one of these days I still want to deliver.
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Oh it's the anniversary of your canon?

Well then happy anniversary!

I haven't seen Harley in a little while, but we definitely need to meet up again sometime.
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Forgot about me, huh?

[She playfully poked Neo in the stomach.]

Well either way we should definitely meet up again sometime. I wouldn't mind coming to the village on my own, especially since you know I can fit in if I have to.
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[She giggled right along with Neo, leaning against hir when shi linked arms with her.] Yeah, maybe we can save the trip and wait for her. Though there's no reason I can't make two trips.

[Faye shivered a little as Neo rubbed hir hand over her stomach like that.]

I could be a man if I wanted, but like you said no reason to be.

If you or your mun have any ideas for ways you want to hang out sometime soon me and my mun would definitely be up for it!