friendlyneighbourhood: (Crying zeroes and I'm hearing 111s)
Peter Parker (Spider-Man) ([personal profile] friendlyneighbourhood) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2017-07-14 10:26 pm

Dropping one more to the pile. (SPOILERS)

So, where do we go from here? Because it sounds a lot like you're gonna be worse than that Training Wheels Protocol or whatever it was that used to be in my suit. Look, I'm not trying to complain or anything but... not even being able to protect people in Queens is gonna make this a lot more difficult.

And what if Mr. Stark needs me, or Aunt May starts to worry? Look, I just don't know if this is gonna- ... Hey, hey! Stop ignoring me! I know you can hear me in there- in here- whatever!

You know I'm not above webbing up every last other person you've got in here if you don't comply.

And that's... me. Just... Just me. Okay, but still, stop ignoring me like I'm some kind of puppet!

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