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[Canon is The Frighteners] Mun is game-shopping, Muse accepts this

You've bounced me around to hell and back - quite literally. And now you want me to 'move on' yet again? Let me rest in peace for a change. Or focus on solo writing that presents my 'backstory' as you call it. There's plenty of material to work with, and given some of your professional work, 'filing off the serial numbers' as you call it isn't out of the question. I'm rather enjoying this semi-retirement into which circumstances have placed me.

And what are you talking about, wiping my memories? Are you giving me a concussion? Haven't I had enough injuries, that you have to add insult to the mix?

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Oh... do you need me to hit you over the head, mister? [ Is this making friends? He's being helpful! ]
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Dickie doesn't mind doing that for you. If your mun says you should have one... you- you probably should, right?

[ He's so confused. ]