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Tony Stark [MCU] ([personal profile] notonmyspace) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2017-07-09 06:39 pm

Spoilers for Spiderman Homecoming in comment ye be warned.

So someone is happy to see my crew again aren't you? Look I know some things didn't make sense, but the kid did good and I'm back on a bit of an even keel, so let celebrate and we can deal with the other stuff later.
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Of course, you'd celebrate. You had the kid clear up your mess for you, sparing the great genius billionaire from having to think about all the little people that he and his buddies screwed over.

[Can you feel the animosity?]
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Anyone would be happy to see your crew. Who doesn't get pumped up to see the Avengers in action?!

Oh and, thanks. Feels good to hear something positive after everything's said and done.