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Wikus van de Merwe ([personal profile] the_sweetie_man) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2017-07-10 12:25 am

Homeless and looking (canon is District 9)

Listen 'ere man! I don't 'ave the fookin' time to be messing around with this shit! I 'ave to make sure Christopher gets home! Do you understand?

[ Someone isn't very happy about being pulled from towards the end of their canon, only to be possibly tossed into a game somewhere... Oh well, too bad he doesn't have a choice. ]

You think this is a fookin' joke?! Look at me! Just look at me! How can I go anywhere lookin' like this?! The MNU will be lookin' for me! I could turn in to a fookin' prawn before he gets back and you want to send me off to a game? ... You can't be serious!?

[ Seems like there's no convincing him, even with the possibility of being cured or the DNA fusing process being slowed down. There's no pleasing some people, is there? ]