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So, a couple of things:

1) No one should watch six movies in one weekend. At a certain point you are looking at blood-clot issues from lack of mobility.
2) You don't have time for this.
3) You're a few years too late for my story arc.
4) Hey! You don't get to get bored by your own -- [snaps fingers] over here -- list.
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Right. So.

1. Why the hell not? Blood flow is arbitrary. Amazing what medical science has been doing these days, even if half the drugs they come out with are a crock of shit.
2. You make time for important business.
3. ........I may or may not have a response for this. Better late than never? Or something cliche like that.
4. You're not my real dad, you can't tell me what to do!
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Oh, sure. Because that's worked so well for you in the past, right?

[Insert dashing smile here.]
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[There's a long pause before he smirks and laughingly shakes his head.]

You know I'm defenseless against that eyebrow. I can defend the universe from homicidal aliens and ancient gods. But you? I got nothin', completely at your mercy.
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Don't get greedy. That's my schtick!