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careful, shaky dusting off

Waking me up aft all this time? What is is, ten years? Or nearly that. Don't blame my sense of time, I'm not yet so old that I don't know what year it is. I'm going to have to politely ask you to reconsider, seeing as I'd just gotten used to the quiet.

H-hey, don't just ignore what I said! I just told you, I'm not coming out like this, so you can-- [a carefully delicate cough] Well, I'll put it for you a bit more plainly, then. No. And since we hardly see each other anymore, I don't think we need to waste time on further pleasantries. Good day.

[he turns to leave]

No, I'm not bitter about being left when I stopped entertaining you! Although I do imagine something like that would be fair grounds for a dispute.
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Being so impatient again, little Albion?
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Surely it can't be that bad. It gives you the chance to see people at least.
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[Raises an eyebrow.]

There's no one you'd like to see?
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Well, it's nice to see you anyway, Albion.
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I've been well. Some of us have been entertaining ourselves making Rome miserable. [Smirks]

And your papa says hello.
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Those boys. And of course I am. I'm one of the few he never managed to get children from.

[And is perfectly smug about that.]

And Albion, you do know that you none of you share a father, right?
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No worries, Britannia and England's parentage is still missing from canon

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[Smiles and ruffles his hair.]

Of course. Ireland and Scotland really do take after their fathers. You, on the other hand, I think, take after me the most.

Even if you did inherit Germania's hair.
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Did you truly expect different? These people are of a fickle sort--though I doubt you need to worry. It's a matter of time before you're granted your wish, I'm sure. [ They started out as an Hetalia muse, but that was also nearly ten years ago and...well, it's been a few years since Hetalia's canon was more or less left entirely. Perhaps they would've also been shelved had nothing changed. ]
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He's a human, presumably--forever's a terribly long time for them.

[ admittedly, that would be interesting to see around as well ]
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I get the feelin' you're one of those "certain few". Am I not mistaken?

Impatience can hardly serve you well.
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Are you quite certain of that? I fear I feel myself doubting you.
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No; you just weren' entirely honest.
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You got defensive, for one.