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Introducing: The Archeologist That Accidentally Led to The Collapse of Earth


Mundane, I don't know what you're talking about, but, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you let me get back to work. We've just made a magnificent discovery here! This isn't the time to ignore Earth-shaking marvels and stand on the fourth wall instead.

You don't even have enough information to do much with me. I can't go any further than this, if you really want to ignore my research and do something with me and other people.
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It's no surprise you're confused by her claim. The event she's referring to didn't occur until long after your initial discovery, if you're who my mundane claims you are.

[He's not even going to mention the oddity of this. Time travel? Must be Tuesday.]
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There's not a person alive who doesn't at least know of the Zohar, save those cut off from all information about the world at large. As for what happened to the planet you call Earth...the details are lost, but it was the result of underestimating that artifact you discovered. It is indeed powerful, and a grand asset if handled properly, but it has the capacity to bring ruin if mishandled. Most likely, it activated beyond humanity's control during investigative experiments and brought forth the darker side of this world.

In my era, we refer to the beings that follow the Zohar as the Gnosis. If they appeared in the wake of a research accident with the Zohar, then the abandonment of Earth would have naturally followed.
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A discovery, hm?

[She's linked to KOS-MOS and she can find what's going on in her own mundanes mind. Mary is all smiles but there's a tightness to her eyes, a little anxiety in her stance.]
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[Her smile wavers, and she tries very hard to suppress any panic. She'd expended so much energy, so much power, trying to keep humanity from accessing the Zohar.

And his information about it was thorough. It makes her wonder just who funded his research but the answer comes quickly. Wilhelm. She can't think of anyone else who would benefit from finding it.]

Bury it. Humanity can't-

It's dangerous.
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[She starts to fidget, wringing her hands in her skirt. She had to protect this man, humans, if she could. Even if she's in a grave in his time. Even if she can't affect events of their world from here, she knows she has to try.]

It's a portal between the Upper and Lower Domains. The domain of God and of humans. I did use it as a power source for another device. And humans who touch it, die.
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My name is Mary Magdalene, I was created by the Collective Unconscious and protect humanity. [It's the one thing she can say without pause, without hesitation. Her fondness for humanity only grew since she'd been 'born' and decided to save them.]

I used the Zohar to power Zarathustra, a device to help humans ascend to the realm of God. So that you would never have to endure the collapse of the Lower Domain.
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By all technicalities, I only appear human. I am the personification of Animus, the counter to Anima, the universal failsafe.

I'm afraid there's very little I can do here to prove myself. The Zohar is absent so I cannot prove that interacting with it will spare me. And Zarathustra I know fell into Wilhelm's hands, but I also lack it's ignition key. It failed though, at least when it came to my vision for it.

[Wait...] Although, I may be able to- I need the maiden to access all of my power but I believe I still can...

[She takes a breath and closes her eyes, trying to remember how she'd done it. And then she's simply gone and appears instantly just a few feet behind Masuda.]
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

[She just barely resists a chuckle but she remains all smiles. Maybe he has trouble believing her, she can't make him believe. That's never what they had done before and she wasn't going to start trying to force it now.]

I am not restricted by the same rules that you and the rest of humanity are restricted by. I can... teleport, heal wounds, what I do would be considered magic.