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A cross-post from Dear Player.

There's nothing wrong with Lillipup, but having five of them just so you can spend the early hours wandering around in tall grass and taking advantage of Pickup is a waste of time! Anyway, you know for my "official" team you should probably just rely on the manga for guidelines. It's either Tepig or Oshawott since Snivy seems to be Rosa's pick. I don't really mind either since they're both great. Emboar's as bold as I am and Samurott's underrated. We could just settle it by letting me have all three, you know!

I... guess what I'm really here to say is I can't believe it was seriously between me or Drayden. His entire face is a beard! I'm seriously offended that you even had to consider the choice. Uncool.
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Apparently my mun wants me to own a Joltik, but I've lost count of pokemon after the first 150, of which I barely know any. More of a vague awareness of them.

But I think I can appreciate a little yellow furry bug.