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On being a day late for an important occasion

I appreciate it, mundane, but it's not as important as you make it out to be.

The day of my birth does not hold the same meaning as it did many, many years ago. Still, the sentiment is appreciated. Thank you.
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Goodness... On on hand, I'm impressed we're still remembered. On the other, the topic only gets more disheartening with each passing year. We're not getting any younger, you know...
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On the contrary! [small huff] Fading into obscurity with grace and dignity is much more preferable than maintaining popularity by giving in to degeneracy and selling out one's personal integrity.

[it's dead jim. for better or worse, we have to face fate reality...]
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Oh no, it's fine. I'd still much rather argue with myself over many others we know. It's guaranteed to be stimulating and reasonable at least, which is saying a lot! [cough nonsensical arc cough stubborn tohno-kun cough maddening merem etc]
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...I suppose not. Placing higher than Hisui-san but lower than Yumizuka-san is... bah. That was still a solid 5 years ago, you know?