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Because Injustice 2 looks awesome (Voice test)

Hmph. Humans are so sinple-minded. So easily entertained.

Sit back "mun" I will show you how a real conquer rules.
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Let me know when you find one.
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Go on, hairy. You've got me intrigued.
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Tch. Who said I was interested in ruling anything to start with?
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Which assumes you've actually conquered anything.
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Your odds aren't exactly great. There's how many Flash's in the multiverse now? Plenty.

I could just shrink you, for instance. Keep you in a hamster cage.

[It doesn't take a flash to beat a gorilla.]
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Really? I'd go as far to say that any Flash could take you.

Execution and timing. If I had an inclination that I'd be going up against Gorilla Grodd I'd add some anti psionic tech to my suit.
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Looking forward to IGAU2 from a slightly different fandom

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Huh. I thought you guys just spoke sign language.
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You can try it, monkey-boy. I can guarantee you I've been through worse than anything you've got in mind.

And that's if my foot doesn't reach your ass first.