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voice testing...may the gods have mercy on me

Ah...well, it seems you did let me out to play. I do feel quite honored, considering how many other muses you've been bringing out lately. Here I thought you weren't going to give me the time of day.

Yet here we are. Don't you worry, sweetie. I'll play nice with everyone else. I promise.
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Don't act so surprised, big sis! One look at you and everyone wants to spend time with you!
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Heh heh! Do you and your mun have any big plans for the big sis?
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You don't have to ask!

[divebomb hug!]
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Nah, she only lets me out for memes... but that's okay! I get to make a bunch of new, interesting friends each time.
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No...but I'm sure he's okay! There's nothing Xander can't do!
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[She sticks her tongue out, but then giggles.]

I'll keep an eye out for him... But I won't be cute forever! One day I'll be an alluring lady just like you.