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Seems someone was brought back from the dead

This again? Do these people even care? Honestly, every time you re-read that garbage you call "tags" it always ends with you bringing me and a few others back. Get a grip.
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Is it bad to be back?
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Your mun missed you, though. That is a start, isn't it?
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What makes you so special? What about you gains their attention?
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Why not do something about it? Join a game!
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Well, why not? It could be fun.
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[Namine quickly steps back. She can't help it. It's a reflexive reaction to Marluxia. But she doesn't run. She doesn't want to be the person that runs anymore.]

So this world really does being people back.
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i've had those days

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The one who is lost is you. [Her response is curt and matter of fact.]
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I thought you were dead. [Blunt as ever is the melodious nocturne.]

...then again, I thought I was dead too. Pre-tty sure there's nothing in my notes on it either. Oh well.
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Really? [Someone is being nice to him?] Not too shabby considering the last thing I saw was Roxas...Sora trying to stab my face in.

[Roxas wouldn't do that to him. That was all Sora. So much for all the times they worked missions together.]

What about you? Still, um, making flowers grow?
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I kept my head down too. I mean, for a while I got dumped in this strange place called Genessia, but I was the only one from our world there. I tried to hide my powers for a while, but lots of people there were unique, so I guess I fit in.