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It's not so bad once you get used to it.

[Azula says sounding rather nonplussed and looking rather peculiar in her own magical girl outfit.]
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And thus Azula explains the plot to the game soulgemmed.

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Oh it's quite a long story. I'll give you the cliff notes.

My two best friends betrayed me sending me into an emotional spiral, my brother betrayed his nation causing us to lose the war, eventually I discovered my mother had abandoned us to start a new family and I ran off into a forest full of spirits who wanted me dead.

[Even if she sounds a little bitter, she is saying it all matter of factly.]

Then I met one who wanted something else from me. A spirit that promised me a miracle in exchange for a period of servitude. I dispatch dark spirits and gain more power.

It just happened to come with this outfit.
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To find my purpose.

[A lie. Her original wish was more selfish and bloodthirsty. But a lot has happened in the last year for her.]

Ironic is an understatement. Impossible more like. I may have been a hero to my nation for helping nearly end the war in our favor but we both know just how much that was worth.

I am no hero, but I refuse to be a victim either.
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[Azula can't help but smirk and chuckle.]

Well not everyone? Or are you two still on a break?

[Azula doesn't know exactly where Mai is in her own timeline, all she knows is she was no where to be seen and Zuko wouldn't mention her while they were on their little adventure together.]
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More power to her on that one

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You always were too good for him. But what can I say? I still miss it a little.

[ Oh it's so tempting. For a minute it almost feels like they can be friends again. But Azula still isn't sure she can be any closer then ten feet without feeling like she's gonna get betrayed. At the last part she looks surprised and then laughs an honest laugh.]

It's funny you should say this. One of my new friends keeps making fun of how everyone in the fire nation wears the same four colors. I honestly never noticed it before.

[Fashion was never high on her list of priorities.]
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All I noticed was that the only one of us who didn't seem uncomfortable in that much makeup and green was Ty Lee.

Who I might add continues to amaze me with her obliviousness. When I heard she'd joined the Kyoshi warriors I thought I was having another relapse. It just made no sense to me outside of her coming full circle and going back to being a matching set.

[Yes lets just continue to bitch about other people so we can pretend we're not both trying to figure out if the other one is planning on killing us.]
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[ That last part almost turns Azula's stomach.]

I was plenty supportive of you until you stopped supporting me.

[ She tries not to sound too fussed but...was that actually a twinge of hurt in her voice? Couldn't be. For now she tries to play it cool.]

Couldn't wait any longer to ask hmm? Well I'll keep the details close to my chest but I'll give you this.

A puff of fire from her back gives way to powerful blue leathery dragon wings which take her off the ground in a few flaps. A long thick tail swishes behind her and a pair of horns poke through her hair crackling with lightning as she shows off. Even her eyes look to have taken on a more draconic style.]

My dear Uncle isn't the only Dragon in the family anymore~
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[ Oh how incredibly temped Azula is to cut loose right here and now. Set fire to any last shreds of their friendship and see once and for all if Mai is cold enough to actually use those knives how they're meant to be used on Azula.

Instead she simply lands again, folding her winds like a cape behind her.]

Well to be honest I haven't gotten that far. I have to survive the trails of this city Nyoi-cho before I can enjoy my just rewards.

[Time to give Mai a long good look and decide just how honest she wants to be with the person who helped ruin her life.]

But I wouldn't sell yourself so short. After all I only wanted the best. And for a long while we were exactly that.
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Yes, but if you were in my shoes you would have done a lot of things differently.

[Not a condemnation either just a fact.]

As it stands now, there's no reason for me to go through with it. Maybe it would give me some satisfaction, maybe I would sleep a little easier at night knowing you were finally dead and not continuing to plot against me.

And maybe I'm feeling a tiny bit...sentimental.

[She makes a face like the word leaves a bad taste in her mouth.]
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You have a point there.

[She looks away pouting dem lips because how dare you make her have emotions?]

I've spent a lot of time in the last year separated from our world, interacting with people from different lives and times. People worse then me, people so insipidly kind that you might throw up just from talking to them. It's given me time to reflect on how I came to the state I am in.

I do not regret my actions. Only the unforeseen consequences.

[Then she does actually look back at Mai.]

I will say, it was foolish to ever let a man come between us. Even if he was my brother.
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You. A hero?

[She laughs openly.]

As if you could pull that off.
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[She's going to pretend she didn't hear that last bit of snark as she checks over her nails.]

I don't think you could play the villain either, Mai. That would require you to commit to something for more than a single afternoon. [A beat as she finally brings her gaze back over to the other girl.] Or to care about anything at all, for that matter.
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And I'm bad at getting back to my tags in a timely manner... sorry ;-;

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[She grins at being told she's right. Of course she's right! She's always right.]

The same as usual, I suppose. Looking for new worlds to conquer in the name of the Fire Nation and taking down any fools in my way.

[Or trying to anyway. Not much luck of that happening when her mun is so bad at life.]
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omg yessss <3

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[Have a very hard glare, Mai. Someone is not amused by your sass.]

The Fire Nation can only grow because of my efforts! Think of the power I'll gain when entire worlds kneel at my father's feet.
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We'll call you The Flying Dart. Or Knives. Wait... Lady Sharp?

[ he pauses for some serious chin handing. ]

Wow, I wish Sokka were here.
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He's actually really good at coming up with names.
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