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Kamala Khan | Ms Marvel ([personal profile] newjerseyhero) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2016-06-06 08:22 am

On recent thoughts regarding Eudio

I just don't know, Mun. It feels like... like I'm not doing anything to help there. The city, or anyone, that is. It's not that I don't love being in a game, I do, I just... I don't know if I'm meant to be there or not. I doubt I've filled my incentive, anyway, what with the lack of physical affection coming from me.

Well, okay, so I hug and I hand-hold. But that's... I'm not doing enough, am I? And it's just obvious to me that certain things aren't...

But I've got great friends there, and I really love being able to interact with so many different people - caped and non caped. I'm learning so much, and now we can visit the different worlds and that will be amazing and...

Like I said. I don't know. It's confusion over here.