amhaighdeanbhanuasal: (annoyance)
Merida of DunBroch ([personal profile] amhaighdeanbhanuasal) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2016-04-24 11:43 pm

What Are Ye Even Doin'?

Mun, seriously, it's no as if yer all that good at even finishing these applications. I dinnae really know why you bother to even try. Aye, ye say ye want to "play me", but I've got enough tae be gettin' on with, I dinnae need you takin' me away from it all.

If you are gonna dae this? C'n ye at least make sure my Mum knows where I'm going? Dinnae want her worrying too much. I'm takin' it as read I'll get my weapons, though. Or stand-ins. Got tae have something on me, can't be going without.