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Mun is Playing with Shipping Again...

We're doing this again?! It's going to be nowhere near as epic as Cap/Thor and you know it.

I'm on a team with both of them, team relationships are so not of the good. And yes, I'm Buffy-speaking, this is my day for Buffy speak and you shall deal with it. It's not that Sam and Miles aren't awesome - they really are - but come on, you've got how many ships for me now? If Ammi and Abu ever find out, I would be in so much trouble because of you and your shipping.


Think I'm done for now. It okay if I go back and finish that Cap/Thor fic I was writing?
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Cap's a lucky guy...

Er, ah, I mean... Your mun ships us? 'Cause mine does that too.
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I can see that. You're one of the new heroes on the block, makes sense they'd want to ship you. Of course, it'd kind of weird that people do that to us.
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Of course, I think my mom would actually be happy if I brought home a nice girl. She'd probably think one'd help me get my head on straight.
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Well, that sucks.
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Oh? What... what happened?
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Holy crap! That's... Yeah, I can see why that'd put you off dating.
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Ugh. That's the worst.
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I get that. I don't know how the old Nova did it. I can barely handle school, Avenging, and solo-heroing. I'm heading for summer school as it is.
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Ugh. That's the worst.

At least my mom knows I'm Nova. But I think that excuse is starting to wear pretty thin.
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Yeah, Mom's having the same issue. Dunno what I'm gonna do.
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Yeah... I got nothin'
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I guess what goes around comes around?
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No, I'm sure it isn't. There's a price, to live the life you want to. And it's ugly sometimes. But everything has a price, you only get to decide what price you're willing to pay.
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Just remember they're here when you need them.
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I know. The curse works on sarcasm.
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I'm trying to make it work for me. That's how optimists do things, right?
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You aren't one? I thought that was required for your set.
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Ah. Yeah, that makes sense.
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You make sense to me. And if you don't, I'll ask for clarification. It's no big deal.
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Thank you. So're you.
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Just don't tell Loki, I don't think I'd be allowed to be his friend anymore if he caught me being too good.
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Coincidentally, this popped up on Pinterest this morning:

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Oh, sweetie, I'm only mortal. I can't possibly.

[Is she teasing back? She's grinning, that usually means teasing.]
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Yeah. It's his job. Although pointing that out is sometimes the best way to make him stop.