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Mulder sees his mun looking at games and he isn't amused [x-posted]

I'm not going anywhere without Scully so you can just stop this little window-shopping of yours right now.
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Surely your mundane has your best interests at heart?

[Oh naive Automan. How little you know.]
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Well, I cannot be responsible for all mundanes. Only my own. And she has been quite helpful.

[So far.]
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I think I can handle anything that is presented.

[His overconfidence may be his undoing, but Automan is pretty resilient.]
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[Warning tone from Walter as he elbows him. He really should have programmed him not to talk to strangers, ESPECIALLY FBI agents.]
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extremely obscure 80's tv show based on TRON :)

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[Walter is apologetic as he pulls out his badge to show.]

Walter Nebicher, policeman and computer consultant. Auto coworker.

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[Maybe because Walter is geeky and nerdy and is still trying to learn to lie convincingly? He's a little worried about someone finding out about Automan.]

We work together. He has contacts that our police department doesn't have.

[Like the fact he's a hologram and can pop in and out of any computer system.]
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[Auto corrects him.]
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For the FBI.

[Auto pulls out his own badge, completely genuine looking despite the fact it had only just rezzed into existence inside his pocket. The name on it is Auto J. Mann.]

I'm especially good at computers.