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Morticia Addams ([personal profile] justlikeanymodernwoman) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2016-01-23 11:01 pm

Because I'm a Sucker for Addams Ladies

Mundane, really, such kind words. Even if you have such... misguided taste in other muses. Though that young girl with the angry attitude, she shows such potential. A pity about her origins, really, she could have done so well if not for... that horrible company. Really, what if children saw it? It's not decent, that they keep producing movies.

(Oh, and let's watch a nice comedy, shall we? I haven't see The Exorcist in so long, dear. We could use the laugh.)

But dear Mundane, what shall we do? It is such exquiste torture, being locked in this 'mind-space' of yours, must you find a way to end it? Not that I wouldn't be delighted to see my Bubblah, of course. Mon cher... I've been his since he first carved my initals into his legs. But there is no rush. Leave me here to rot and fester.

It would be delightful, after all.

[[Morticia Addams. Just happens a fan-cast face claim. If a reboot happens and they don't use Ms Ricci as Morticia, they're fools]]