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On the Games, AU Ideas and Whatever

So we're doing that thing where I talk to you again and you don't listen? Great, just what I needed with my day. Like being stuck up here wasn't enough of a pain already.

I don't care what happens overall with that game you put me in. Whatever happens, I'll end up doing my own thing - that's what you liked about me in the first place, right? It's not like I actually get doing anything fun there anyway - and what's the obsession with the ripping hearts out? I'm not "Regina Mills". You can be all about the "alterna-verse family" all you like, it's not my reality, and I'm not going to play.

And I hate your ideas, that enough feedback for you? Can we get to the part when you finally let me work out how to do the dragon transformation? That seems to be the only thing you've come up with lately that I'm actually okay with.

No, I don't miss any of them, stop suggesting I do.

Okay, maybe a little...
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I hope you find some fun in your game. Scratch that, I know you will!

Not sure why you want to do the dragon thing, though. Any specific plans for that one?
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Good point, she always has tricks up her sleeve so you're right, having something in reserve yourself is a great idea.
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In terms of magic, maybe, but not in devious ingenuity. I'm pretty sure you could find a way to beat her even without magic.
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[Aw, now he's blushing]

Hey, I'm just stating facts. There's a reason why you're our leader, y'know.

Thank your mun for me. She sounds cool.
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You did scare me at first, but we've been through too much together for that now. I'll fake it for strangers if you want me to, though. ;)
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Absolutely, I'm a great actor! I've been acting scared of my mom and dogs for years!

[Right, acting. Sure, Carlos.]
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Jay's pretty sure I'm going to get cast as the bad guy, but I don't mind that. At least I've got experience.

What extracurricular activity are you going for? Cheerleading? [Gets ready to duck.]
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I think I can handle the singing. Seems to be par for the course around this place. Heck, even at the island.

Nah, but you might want to show her up at her own game. [Shrugs] You kind of already did, anyway. You got the guy, after all.
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Thank God I didn't have to hear my mom sing when yours did. It's enough that I had to hear that song named after her for most of my life growing up.

For sure you didn't need the spell. He's still with you, right? And yeah, the cheers do sound like spell-chanting, although dorkier. I appreciate that you don't want to mess up the games, that's cool of you.
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Yeah, we all kind of had to deal with it, since we're in your room more than our own.

Maybe you could cast a spell on her where she had to tell the truth all day ... although she probably doesn't hold back, anyway.
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I meant the kind of truth spell where she said what she really thought, like saying someone's hair was hideous even if she meant to be polite. Not where she could know truths she never heard before.

It's okay, though, I'm sure you'll come up with something!
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Yeah, you can't always trust the muns. Mine just made me an Omega in her RP and is having too much fun with it. -_-;
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So far there hasn't been any smut with me, so the spell probably isn't necessary yet. It would have been nice to have been an Alpha, like you and Jay at least (Evie is stuck with me as an Omega, which I don't think suits her, but it's not like I get a choice.)

Shipping is all over the place with my mun, but she's not putting any of us together, anyway. We're all siblings in her world.
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Cool, I'll let you know!

It's just this particular RP, and it happens to be the first time she's used us outside of these meme things. She's open to other ideas, although admittedly, couples tend toward the same-sex with her.

I can totally see you and Jay, although you'd be the boss in the relationship for sure.
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Hmm, I'm not sure why you wouldn't get hits, since you're an interesting person and all. Kinda sucks. I don't think it's your personality, I think a lot of people just don't know us; more familiar people seem to get more hits.

My mun never makes commitments about threading only because stupid real life (her words) sucks up most of her free time. She's sure you'll hook up again sometime, though.