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New Muse Testing

[The lights flicker and dim, the room fairly vibrating with energy. Something is materializing into being. A confident looking young man with a glowing holo-reflective exterior. A hologram but with enough power to exist in the real world.]

I'm so glad you finally called. As you already know, I am Automan.

[He casts a look around, pleased with the surroundings.]

Interesting place you have here. It mimics the real world in many ways. My abilities should work even better here. Even in the absence of haven't heard from him, have you? Never mind, I'm sure he will be along when he can.

Now how about a little exploration? I could use the time to study human behavior. I suggest we start with dancing, I rather enjoyed learning about that.
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There are precious few RPers of Glen A. Larson characers.

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I dunno, I'd kinda prefer learning what you did to Bruce Boxleitner after you stole his outfit.
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Sooo, you picked that out for yourself?


I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you came out of the eighties?
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Call it a hunch. A big, shiny, fluffy-haired, dayglo-colored hunch.
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May I ask why dancing has been enjoyable? Is it more of the physical element, an atmospheric one, or perhaps both?
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I can't say you're wrong about that, like with most things it's better to actually try it yourself.

[At least honesty is better than a lie, even if somewhat egotistical.]

If my ship could talk, the same thing would probably be said. I haven't programmed Arcadia myself, but she seems to also be a natural.

[Actually the Arcadia can talk in a way, but only Harlock seems to understand each noise as her captain.]
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Yes. My good friend built her before he had passed away. The ship is now my home, as well as the home to my crew whether they'd be from Earth or not. Arcadia has yet to ever disappoint me.

[He can ramble on about the ship all day if he really wanted to.]

I have not seen anything of your kind before. Most men of science that I know of tend to be assassinated before a finished project.
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It's been going on for centuries, but made to look like freak accidents. Some caused by human greed and another by an alien race called the Mazone. If assassinated by the Mazone it's because of finding out their locations or any new information. I've gotten involved by accident, but in a way I am also relived that I am now their main target.

Of course to most people my crew and I sound insane or are called liars, but I suppose that ignorance is bliss.
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one eighties character to another :D

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I ain't dancing with you and this place ain't nothing like my reality.
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Sheriff. I am Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane of Hazzard County! That's in Georgia. We're a small town, country place.

*He's proud of all that.*
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Well. Pleasure to meet you too...uh. You never said what your name was.

Oh, Hazzard ain't very dangerous, not if you stay out of the way of folks's drivin'. That's Hazzard with two z's. Not just the one.
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Big city detective, huh? [He's trying to sound unimpressed.] Well, us country police have our fair share of hard work to do, y'know. I'd like to see you stumbling around out in the woods, trying to track down stills and all.
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:D hahaha That is a great idea. The general finally has real competition.

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[Rosco gaped like a fish for a couple of seconds. He hadn't expected that at all. Finally, though, he nodded.]

All right, then. I'm willing to teach ya some tricks. Maybe I'll finally catch those Duke boys up to something, kee!
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[Rosco watches in astonishment and admiration, giving a startled giggle.]

Well, that's just, uh...neat trick. Y'know we don't really dress like that, though. Just deck yerself out in some jeans and a plaid shirt.
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No, no, that's fine. You look...good. Tall. [Rosco reaches out as if to pat Automan's shoulder.] It's best to blend in, y'know.
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My whole life it feels like. I've been part of the sheriff's department for thirty years. I joined up as a deputy, when I was still in my teens. What about you? How long you been a lawman?
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[Rosco ignores most of that. He figures he misunderstood. People accuse him of that a lot and what he thought he heard...was pretty insane.]

How's that? How do you help him do more than just sit?
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[And doesn't that just remind Rosco of the Dukes! He rolled his eyes.]

Well shoot. Is that kinda ego just part and parcel of young people these days? I bet there's still a few things you can learn from us old dogs, Mr. Perfect. You don't make sense neither. How does you being perfect and catching any all criminals get him out of his seat? What's his part in things?
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[Rosco doesn't, but he's going to pretend that he does.]

Oh. Well, good for him, then. It ain't good for an officer to spend too much time behind a desk. It dulls his hunting instincts.
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Good. Th-that's good. [He seems to be looking for something to more to say, but after a bit of blustering just falls silently, with a decisive nod.] You know much about the woods or how moonshiners operate?
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People that run moonshine! Moonshine is illegal corn whiskey. There's quite a lot of moonshiners in Hazzard.
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Well. People are willing to pay for good 'shine. A lot of folks around here barely scrape by on farming. Selling shine on the side means they don't have to go on welfare during the winter months. Besides. It's kinda traditional for a lot of these folks.
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Because the federal government says it is. It likes to control and tax things, beyond what most people can bear being controlled and taxed.
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I still gotta arrest 'em, of course. It being the law and all. Usually they just get fined though.