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On... A Lot of Things.

No... I don't know who's taller out of me, Sam and Miles... Would be cool to know though, you're right. I think I'd like being the tallest for a change. Except, well, I obviously wouldn't the tallest in the team, that would be Thor 'cause whomsoever holds that hammer gains a lot of height. Seriously, have you met any Asgardians, Mun? They can be pretty tall! 

But us three... we're only the newbies. And I know we're gotten on the team 'cause people like us but... what if they don't like us after all of this? What... what if we don't be what they want us to be?

(Also, I know you're pretty psyched they're going to write a 'what if' story about your favourite pairing for me, but doesn't he already have a girlfriend? Cover art looks nice... but I don't think I'd be thinking that in that type of situation. I'd be more with the screaming and the fear and the running to find cover and help others get cover 'cause you don't ditch in emergencies. I really hope it's a good story though it's kinda weird to be saying that about a shipping story that features me...)

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I'm pretty sure out of the 3 of us, it'd be Sam, you and me. Then again, who knows what having the strength of a spider does in terms of height advantage? Never did ask the original Spider-Man about that...think he'd get mad if I call him Spidey-Prime now and then?

...We're not just on the team 'cause people like us. We're on the team because when it counted most, we stepped up and proved we were ready for a bigger stage. That we'll do what we have to in order to protect the people we care about and the world we're part of. According to my mun, I think I already kinda proved it and your turn to bat's this week which happens to fall on my mun's birthday.

Wait a second, they're doing what? A 'what if' story about you? That's news.
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Probably not, but until I was bit I didn't even know spiders had a venom blast. (He blinks for a moment, then laughs.) 'Heavy lifter,' huh? Thanks, Kamala. You could probably carry more than me when you go 'embiggen' mode. Or is it just 'embiggen?' Yeah, he probably would. I ever tell you that I got to meet both of the original Spider-Men? The one from my world and yours? I met yours first and then mine came's one of those complicated things.

Ohhh...those worries. I still get those from time to time myself. Like after everything I've been through, could I have done more for those I couldn't save? What if I was just one second faster...? Would things be different now? But, I think in times like this we've gotta remember that we're not alone. We have friends we can rely on, meta friends and our regular friends.

Okay, let me see if I got this right since I'm kinda used to hearing Legos being thrown into talks like this one: because of this 'huge world-changing' event with our worlds, you're gonna be thrown into a romance story with the new Ghost Rider. This happens after recent events with that one guy and the whole 'Last Days' thing coming, I thought I had a full plate but yours is just as stacked!

Maybe it'll end well. Most 'What Ifs' have a decent ending...then again, the others still end upside down.
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Well, that much would be the same about certain spiders no matter what world we're from. (He gives it a moment's thought.) 'When you embiggen...' That could work, or maybe word it like a catchphrase - 'embiggen time!' Yeah, it was hard. Both times we went at it, and both times we teamed up to face one of his bad guys. It was more difficult when we faced my world's Goblin; his powers were fire-based. Oh, yeah; this threw Sam for a loop - in my world, Captain America was President. And I saved his life.

Yeah...there were times I couldn't shake it off no matter what anyone said or did. I had help, but the doubts were still there. Sometimes it just takes a major event to get you back in the swing of things.

Oh - yeah, I can see how you'd be psyched to tackle something that's pure fan wish fulfillment. That's how it was with the Spidey team-up, both with your world and mine. It took time and a bit of arranging, but it happened! Of course, that whole 'Spider-Verse' thing just ended a few months ago but my mun enjoyed how it turned out despite others' opinions. 'Cause everyone has their own opinions on big events like these, right?

A short? You mean, like a one-shot? I could see that, but...yeah, Mayday's is the only one that had a good ending, and not just her 'What If' story but what happened with that whole 'Spider-Verse' thing. She really deserved a happy note, which you can know about thanks to our meta stuff!
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You may not be catchphrase girl, but you're definitely speech girl! My mun loves those speeches you make about how it's our time to protect Jersey from the vile villains, things like that. Thanks! Your world's pretty awesome and insane too; how many spider-heroes do you have running around besides the original Spidey?

Give it time. You'll figure things out, just like I did. Wasn't easy either.

Wouldn't know; I never met my world's Deadpool but from what i hear he literally beats to the sound of his own drum. And anyone else's he happens to find.
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Eh, maybe but at the same time you're getting your point across. That's what's most important. Not in my world. Seems like they've been going out of their way to project Spidey -both me and the original- as anything but menaces. I'd say they're trying to show the Spiders as true heroes.

Yeah, no matter if it's a domino mask or one that covers your whole face.

You ever think about what might happen if you ran into him someday?
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Well, according to my wikia profile, I'm suppose to be 5" 6'. And also apparently 140 pounds. Which doesn't quite seem right. But maybe it's just the art in my book that makes me seem small.

And hey, people believe in us. We're gonna do just fine.
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Hey, maybe you can out the official Avengers seal on your sites. ...Nah, whole secret id thing, right?

I think I've been in over my head too much to stop and worry about that. If things calm down, I might too.
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I hear that. And I'm a little worried too. I mean, not that I'm not excited to be a full time Avenger... but what's going on that they need us for? Where's Hawkeye or Captain Marvel or Spider Woman or somebody?
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Yeah. I mean, Iron Man and Cap and Vision are all experienced, but the rest of us, we're all pretty much newbies and kids too.

I don't even have a driver's license yet.
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Maybe... everybody's on their vacation?

[Okay, dumb joke.]
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[He sighs.]

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Everyone starts as a newbie.

And it doesn't matter what they want you to be. Only being true to yourself.
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Sometimes, we make mistakes. We're human.

And we pick ourselves up, and we fix what we can, and make amends for what we can't.

You can do this.
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Anytime, Avenger.