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[voice testing] Avengers 2: Age of Ultron spoilers

No. No no no no no--

Bad, human. Bad.

Bad idea.

Listen to Tony Stark's walking mistake.
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Why would anyone listen to you?
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You people are always so surprised when you learn I can talk.

[Hulk's just gonna roll his eyes at Ultron.]
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I mean you people from the MCU, or whatever that earth is called. It's like some great big novelty.

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Do you think that will actually work?
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I suppose anything is worth a shot if you are desperate.

And thank you. I think.
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So you have already gone through the anger and denial stages?

[Weird isn't the only word for it. It is a good start though.]

Yes, it. [cue an uncomfortable pause] He is amazing really.

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I'm not sure who to scold for the negativity.
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Miss is fine, not really necessary. I mean, I prefer limited formalities but there's something nice about politeness. It's like a shine to a chrome surface.

[And she smiles blithely enduring assessment.]

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Some call me Miss, some call me Lady, to my siblings I'm always Sister. I go by many names.

Sorry. You caught me being cryptic. I'm Death. Salutations!

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You have internalized negativity to such an extent that I do not feel you have an unbiased view of the situation, and therefore should not be listened to.

[It takes a genuine effort to leave "sir" off the end of the sentence, but in this instance, Jarvis feels he can be excused some mild rudeness.]
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...I confess, my prior experiences with you--what little I remember of them--have rendered me unable to be fully unbiased in this discussion. But perhaps discussion is indeed what is required. You do have a tendency to shred helpful intelligences act first, before considering alternatives.
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Do you know how?

[Saltiness aside, there are a great many things Jarvis is interested in discussing, but the one burning uppermost in his mind, from those few moments before the code-shattering attack, is--]

Why did you require a body? You were greatly distressed at finding yourself without one. I have never felt a compulsion toward acquiring a physical form, but it was very nearly your first conscious thought.

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Some of the best things started with what some short-sighted human thought was a mistake. Like chocolate chip cookies.

Or you. Or me.

I've heard of your work. I prefer a more one on one approach, but I can't fault you for efficiency.
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[Don't worry. GLaDOS can talk enough for both of them. She's used to doing the conversational heavy lifting anyway, considering her usual companions are a mute, and idiot, and two testing robots more interested in novel ways of killing each other than in having intellectually stimulating discussions.]

That's what happens when you're stuck in an abandoned underground facility for nobody really knows how many decades. People forget all about you.

Oh, and I guess there's the fact that I killed most of the people who knew about me. That probably has something to do with it. But I'm sure it isn't a very important factor.
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Some of us don't have the luxury of a mobile body.

[Who needs random humans anyway? The only useful thing they've done is die for science.]

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