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[Thorin draws a breath, leaning against the nearest door frame. Tired but with a sense of pride that he has not felt in a long time. His tone almost irritated.]

Took you long enough. Where have you been?!

[A faint smirk.]

You thought I was lost for good? And yet here I am. I will not end my days cowering in the shadows.

[He straightens, gripping his sword once again.]

Take me to the fight.
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I doubt any of us would expect you, of all dwarves, to cower anywhere, uncle.

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[Just as Fili is elated to see his uncle safe and sound. At least here they have a chance for a new start.]

And for that, uncle, I am glad to hear.

[He grins warmly, throwing an arm around Thorin's shoulders.]

Where does your mun plan to take you on this new adventure, uncle?
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Apparently that is quite common, uncle, for my mun has given in to the wiles of the serpent as well.

[You actually almost got Smaug instead of Fili, Thorin.]

We will have to be cautious. I am not fond of the idea of another confrontation.
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[But that's what makes it fun. ;D]

Aye. I have not seen many of them, sadly. My mun plays host to Bofur as well and our dear Burglar but outside of them, my path has only crossed with Kili once.
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[You, my dear fellow mun, have great friend potential.]

He was, yes.

[Fili hesitates for a moment, frowning slightly.]

Though he was having nightmares.
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[This most definitely needs to happen at some point.]

Of things to come. Of things that have happened. He would not tell me much, though.

[And it has him worried. Kili is always the optimist and yet...]
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[Yes. Yes good.]


[A sad smile is on his lips as he squeezes his uncle's shoulder. It's a hard thing to accept but he's come to terms with it; promise.]

It's going to be alright.
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[Fili will never claim to understand, truly, what Thorin is feeling but he does have some idea at least. He feels as though he failed his family; failed the house of Durin.

But he was trying to push through it; really he was.]

He may be a rough soul but he has a good head about him. And the others are still there to make sure he does what needs to be done.
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And, look on the bright side, uncle!

[Insert back slap here as he tries to lighten the mood.]

This place is rather full of second chances!
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I for one will be happy when you're content not to fight.
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Oh, are we back to that again? It's been awhile since I've been Mister Baggins.

[His smile is small and sad and far away. At least you're not calling him thief though.]

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[That sadness just turns fond.]

But you did, eventually. Perhaps not as soon as we might have liked, but you did! And much improved for it. I fear I may have been too late... I did try...

[And what were you suppose to do against the pale orc, Bilbo.]
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[There was so much more to say than arguing about Thorin's attempt to have him tossed from the balcony, so Bilbo let it go. Thorin was apologising in his own way.]

If there's an armchair left, yes. Your home is returned, dragon and orc free. For that I am glad. I still have one more journey yet to go. I just hope it's a bit easier the going than the coming had been.

[There's not much room for hobbits here, despite the size. Dwarves had their cultural issues!]
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No...but I will have to make it without the Company I've become use to.

Thorin, I don't mind telling you that I'm dreading leaving, as much as I do miss my things. The journey here was difficult. I can hardly imagine the journey home.

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No one would ever accuse you of all people of cowering, I'd imagine.

[ it's spoken a little too wistfully to be dismissed ]