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What do you even think you're doing?

It's not that new episode, and you know it. That's nothing new - and besides, there's like three other people you should have waking up from that. Why me? Why now, after all this time? I was pretty happy where I was, you know! At least I know when to stop... opening up old wounds.

At least I know when it's better to stay away.

This isn't going to last, anyway. So stop messing up a perfectly good past and just move on. It's not like I wanna share headspace with that guy anyway...
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Loonnng time no see, Dutchy! o/

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[Mun-Human, why the hell did you send him at some human child she doesn't know?!? Damn fool, and damn that barrier that keeps her from getting out and sending fireball's her way.

Well, at least he's saying something that's sort of interesting to hear.]

And what old wounds would you have, being so young? [Yes, Masaomi, it's a dragon. A very big red dragon. At least she's not intending to bite your head off. (She'd rather to that to her pesky, annoying, persistent Mun-Human.)]
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Remember who this is? :3

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[Yes, a dragon. Although it's not so new for Angelus anymore, meeting people who have never seen one before.]

The pressures of human adolescence. For the sake of love. [Typical human behavior! Hmph. It's reckless behavior similar to that that had caused the rest of her kin to be wiped out--back at her old miserable world, that is--but she's really in no mood to dwell on it now. She'd feel anger again.]

You do not need to explain further. Humans, from what I've witnessed, have done all sorts of things out of love. Some, rather foolish. [Can you hear the resentment in places? She definitely has a thing against humans. Well, most of them, anyway.]

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[What's this? A familiar face. He sounds like he's going through something rough.

Hey--most people are...but Mari could at least try to help uplift his spirits.]

Masaomi? [She smiles a bit, glad to see him.] What's up?
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Soon, I shall surprise you with someone. Very soon. ;)

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[Yep, it's Mari-chan all right, and she's up to catching up with him a little. Maybe even have a little fun. That'd be nice, a good break away from all the drama and concerns she's constantly had in mind.

She'll just nod.]

Yeah, understandable. Okay then. If it's just that, then all right... [She won't press, but she'll leave the subtle offer on the table to listen in case he wants to unload about anything else that might be troubling him.]

It's been a couple of years since we last talked! So, you got back home okay? And Mikado too? [Of course she remembers his friend, and especially that alternate version of Sub-Zero. Thank goodness he hadn't been around long.]

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Oh it's you again!
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Gosh, how have you been? It's been forever!

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You seem upset about someone. Are you alright?
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Who's that guy?
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Huh? That sounds like something terrible to do. I'm a brave warrior! I help!

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guess who?

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Masaomi. I wondered when you would show your face again. [He flipped through the pages of "Loveless" and offered him a slow smile.]

What guy do you not want to share with?
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how are you?

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Hmph. [You'd better not be thinking about making any moves towards Mari, dude.]

Are you managing to keep out of trouble?
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[Is that...? Yes, yes it really is. She wasn't sure if she'd be seeing him again.

She's both surprised and relieved to see one of her friends here. Mun-san was right. Of course she was right. Not even for a minute did Anri really doubt her. All she had to do was be patient.]

Hello, Kida-kun. [She's smiling. It's good to see him again.]
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After I first finished on reading the Saika Arc of the manga, I remembered why I liked Anri. :3

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[[ooc: Izaya's still sort of around. He wants in on the action over in the reality Mari's been in. He wants to be useful. As in, wants to be used...and have a little fun along the way.]]

[The shock from her passes as it was Kida-kun's turn to be shocked. Perhaps neither of them expected to see each other so soon. Perhaps that is it?

Poor Anri, she doesn't even know that he's from a little further along in her future.

She nods as her soft spoken voice expresses no distress of any sort.]

Yes. I'm fine. [A bit of concern starts to show in her eyes.] Are you okay? ...What about Ryuugamine-kun? Is he around? [Is he safe?]

[It didn't matter if she wasn't back in Tokyo now. She just wanted to see both boys again. By just being with the both of them again, it will feel a little like home to her.]
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Back. Been busy. ^^;

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Yes indeedy. ^_^

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Nice to see you again, Kida...

Share space with whom? [The way the boy says it makes Izaya curious.]

[Nope, he just could not resist! You're one of his favorites to chat with, after all.]
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[Even if he's grown up, Izaya will never change the way he is around him. You're one of a few people that come closest to knowing him well. Though, some secrets will remain. His deepest, twisted affections toward him, for example.

It's always best to not lash out. They both know how quick his reflexes can be.]

Not even a hint? Is he someone we both know?

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