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On Reserving for The Games

'ere mun! 

fought we'd already done that whole going to the place wot wants you to kill people fing. Aen't really looking forward to going back, but if that's wot you want, 'pect I'll have to play along again. Aen't looking forward to this. Aen't into the killing. Don't know much, but I knows that. Anyway, you never even let me get a gun last time.

'Ponine's there though, aen't she? Aen't bothered about Maman an' Papa, but you said she wos 'aving a rough time. I'll see to her, don't you worry.

Well, best be getting me best hat on then, aen't I?
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[Have an appraising look, a cool glance, and the faint hint of a smile. Candid and frank as ever, Enjorlas speaks to him minimally.]

You're here. why?
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I understand. Mine has been quite.., inventive herself. Are you well? [His voice is tight at the question.]
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Be careful in these places. Things do not always go well. I am fine, at the present. I hope that you are well too. You are a brave soul. I'm sure wherever you go, you will endure.

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I would say that it would be nice to see you, Gavroche, but that would be a lie. No offense meant to you, of course, merely the idea of you in all of that is fairly terrible, even though you've been there before.

Still, I think you would be suited for the good work we try to do there. Much as I do not wish to see you in that place with WOULD be nice to see you again.

Still, at the least, be careful.
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Well. I cannot say that you wouldn't liven the place up a bit. Or that your company would be unwelcome [And okay, he's grinning.]

I suppose you WOULD know what you are doing.

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Oh hey, I remember you. You're that kid from the theme park arena. Glad you're coming back even if it's kind of a crappy place.
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Sheesh you've got your hands full if that's the plan. Eponine just keeps finding new and interesting ways to get herself in all sorts of trouble.

Was she like that at home?

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So...Eponine's brother?

How old are you?
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[Muttered curse here]. Ok. Can you, you know, defend yourself in an arena full of killers?

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Ah, I see. So you're Eponine's little brother. It is kind of you to look after your sister.

[He is rather affectionate. Any family of Eponine's is family of his. Uh, except for her parents, anyway.]

I regret that we did not meet the first time around.
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Of course. She is like a daughter to me.

[He may as well be frank, if this boy is arriving soon.]

My name is Sigma Klim. It is a pleasure to meet you.
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Well, aren't you an adorable mini Epsy?
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I'm sure you are, cutie.

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