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New Muse.

Of course I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Personally, I'm quite glad for it though I hear that other fellow here hasn't taken too kindly to my presence. We're on the same side, so no reason to take it personally.

Too bad Margo and Vincent aren't around. I'm certain they'd have a grand old time of this.

Well, if that's all, then I think I'll be getting back to the lab. Weston left me a message that I have a package waiting for me and I'd like to get to work.
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Which other fellow would that be? I must say I'm a little surprised, but I probably shouldn't be, by now.
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I remember a Margo who was trouble enough, herself.
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...Must not be the same girl.
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So she's... something of a scientist, herself?
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I tend to prefer my assistants... at a distance.
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I don't have close friends. Too risky.
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I'm sure it is for some.