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canon is DMMd. Was enabled by others on plurk. Muse is LOUD. I need to review for him. ;; <3

What kind of place is this?! "Deer moon"?!! THIS BETTER NOT BE SOME JOKE OR YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!!!

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It's no joke.
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I HIGHLY AGREE, but there's a fan version made on RPG Maker!

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[It's probably not in his best interest, but he chuckles quietly as well.]

Aah, I wonder. Joke or not, there's no harm is there?
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"The Tattooer"

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((OOC note: Here's the tumblr post with it. Enjoy.))

[So loud.]

It's worrisome when someone acts above the law.
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We need more playable fanworks just like that.

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It'll be all right. There are plenty of other criminals to go after.