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Testing. Canon is DRAMAtical Murder. Probably going to [community profile] court_rp

My dear player,

Though I was quite happy with the way things turned out, you might not understand how glad I am at the possibility of seeing my wonderful masterpiece again. Perhaps it and Koujaku will bloom for me once more.

Aah, and Aoba-kun is there as well... What a chance. I did say it was love at first sight, didn't I? Maybe I'll be able to create another masterpiece after all.
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[You, sir, are very unsettling. For... some reason. She's not sure what.]

Oh. Your player is thinking about that place, too?
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You're an artist I presume?

[Raiya likes art, he himself is an artist of sorts. ]
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Tattoo artist, interesting. I have always been fond of tattoos myself, but sadly I am unable to get one for myself.

[ Having body that regenerates after a single cut made having a tattoo nearly impossible for Raiya to have.]
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My body just won't take any ink, quite disappointing really.
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Such a shame too, I was looking foreword to seeing your masterpieces.

[Raiya could always admire his work, if only his canvases didn't grow old and fade away.]
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I suppose you could say that. I have plenty of spare time on my hands so I like to create little works of art.
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I create puppets and dolls sometimes. Maybe I could make one with tattoos, though Yoihime would probably just stab it.

[He sighed, he lived with such children sometimes.]
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It's better the dolls than me or Hachizou.
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Everyone is dangerous in their own way.
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Looks are always very deceiving. Sometimes it is the weakest ones who prove to be the strongest in the end.
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Oh, are you another friend of Master's and Koujaku-san's?

[But what's with the 'love at first sight' bit?? Master never mentioned anything like that!]
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[He nods to himself, straightening up with hands in his pockets. There is a marked similarity between this man's attire and Koujaku's if one disregards the skulls.]

I see. How is it that you expect to see Koujaku-san "bloom," as you say? He is neither flower or jellyfish.
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[He remains silent for several moments before tilting his head a bit.]

That is true; people also wither and fade away like flowers do. But wouldn't their will come not from death, but life?

[So much for finding out what this guy wants with Aoba...]