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Oh come on, writer mine. You're being a big dumb baby. Just tag out with me and stop being lazy. Stop whining about your big dumb baby job and do your tags.

If I can handle a vengeful Japanese fox demon in my head for twelve freakin' nightmare episodes, you can handle your job. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME, as Coach would yell at the top of his surprisingly voluminous lungs. Seriously, if you inflated his lungs with helium you could fly him with a gondola underneath like the fucking Goodyear blimp.
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You're actually quiet enough in your writer's head that your mun is struggling to respond to tags?
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Well to be fair, jobs are kind of important?

But yeah, dude. Balance, right?
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Yeah, plus you've pretty much been through enough.

Not a lot so far. Mostly hanging out around Bakerstreet. She's thinking of Boomtown but so far hasn't started my app there? What about you?
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Mun's not into all the angst on the planet? Mine is. It kinda sucks.

...JamJars? Like canning jars for...jam?
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Yeah, I know. Definitely blows. Also not your fault.

Oh. No? This is all kinda new to me, dude.
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She's not, just me. She doesn't tell me much. But her other muses that I share head space with warn me I should be scared.

Not loving the idea of being trapped somewhere and not being able to get home. Like, what if my mom needs me? Or you? Or some new form of crazy happens in Beacon Hills. I should be there just in case.
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...stuck on the back of a giant turtle? Yeah, that really sucks. You're not alone on the...giant turtle, right?
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Yeah, it's weird seeing other me's running around everywhere. And multiple you's. And multiple everyone's. Weird.

Well at least it's Cora and Derek and not Peter?
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[personal profile] mccallme 2014-04-02 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)'re okay there right? Murdered emperor doesn't sound good.

And it's a good thing that you've explained that all to me eight hundred times so at least my brain hasn't exploded yet.

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Ha. Ha.

Nogitsune-free Stiles is definitely my favorite. Sincerely hope it stays that way man because I gotta tell you the last few weeks have sincerely sucked.
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Believe me, I do, man.

I know. And like I said, it wasn't you. We all know that.
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It had your face, but it wasn't you. I am kind of scared about what that could mean for you, dude. I mean it was a lot of peopl

I like your writer. Your writer is smart. And don't be ridiculous, Stiles. You stepped into a puddle of gasoline with me when I was holding a flare. And like a million other things. So.
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I know. Me too. Always.

I'm pretty sure you're right.
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Bestest bros. That's us.

It was definitely a rough one to get through.