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canon is the robocop reboot. ya rly.

So not only did you decide to play out a canon it looks like pretty much nobody is interested in, but then you had to go and come up with a whole new character, and get all optimistic to check if there was somebody hangin' around out there that actually wanted to talk to me.

Ain't even seen so much as a Murphy trawlin' around, much less a Lewis. Or anybody else I should learn to recognize, either.

Oh yeah. This is a real brilliant idea you got here, clearly.

I'm gonna be stuck all by myself in this echo chamber you call a head forever, ain't I? Or least until you get bored and drop me back into nothin', like you're bound to.

And here I thought my life right about now couldn't get much worse.
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Welcome to the club. [With Alex's voice these days, it's hard to tell if he's joking or not - that's what you get when you have an electronic double-tone you can't shake even if your life depended on it and one of the world's best poker faces. He probably would've been made a killing at Vegas if he wasn't busy trying to detain most of the casino guests for tax evasion and check fraud. And he hadn't been preemptively banned as bad for business. And if he was a gambling cyborg.

He towers over Decker, pulling up her records
] Word of advice? Don't get fancy around Old Detroit.
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[The record says enough - it says he probably would've liked working with her because there needs to be more people on the force who don't phone it in and that she probably would make great back-up in a bust. She's even mouthing off to him, like he used to mouth off to Chief Dean when he had something to prove and thought she'd have his back in the end.

Alex's lips twitch at the corners, faint but there, and he might even be fighting off a smile, as rare as those come to him these days

Don't make my mistakes is what I'm saying, Detective. Your partner's your greatest asset.

[Provided they don't get shot. Or they're not corrupt. Detective Decker might have her work cut out for her, but she could be the kind of new blood the DCPD needs at this point]
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[Alex’s head shifts down and slightly to the side, the motion almost too smooth, too precise. It’s not like a human’s, full of hesitation and second thoughts] That so? He’ll definitely have your back. Best partner you could ask for.

[And Alex isn’t even laying it on thick just because: Jack’s always been there as his former partner and his buddy and he’s always been pretty good about the newbies. Doesn’t even haze them or anything. Anyway, somehow he doubts Decker’s the kind of detective you’d want to haze. She reminds him of a coiled spring from the way she holds herself, like she’s gearing up for something.]
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[He can figure what Detective Decker's doing: she's trying to find her place, measure him up while he's doing the same back and she's probably prepared for macho cops and their baggage instead of graphene cops. To her credit, she doesn't hide the fact she's staring. Just does it openly, almost like it's a question of who blinks first.]

Just don't touch his first cup of coffee in the morning and you'll be set.
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It's actually pretty good, from what I remember.

[Unfortunately, he doesn't drink coffee anymore. The glucose solutions they give him seem to work better than a caffeine wake-up call, but what can he say: he misses the little stuff like wondering if he'd dirty his coffee with all that junk like cream and sugar]

It's one of the perks of working here.

[Another Alex another time might've said "one of the few perks". This one, however, leaves it at that]
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[It's a look he's still getting used to, that slight defocus of the eyes shifting away from his face. He's had it from just about every cop in the station, starting from the day he walked in with a billion dollar body.

Typically, Alex isn't the kind of cop to feel sorry for himself all the time because he got passed up for promotion or someone beat him to the coffee, but he was still human - when only something like 30% of your original body left and it sinks in you couldn't even walk without the chassis, you're allowed to feel a little sorry yourself, in his opinion.

I'm assuming you got the grand tour?
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[Alex can guess what the tour was: someone showing the newbie around going "this is the break room, don't sit in that chair because it will knock you on your ass" and "that's Officer Lewis's desk". Maybe even "Don't touch Bagel Friday". Stuff along those lines.]

I was filing paperwork. [Traffic infractions. Not his idea of a productive use of time, but crime has been oddly sparse the last two week and he's been programmed to be "exceptionally good" at paperwork. Other cops like to add to his pile. This is the part where Alex would shrug, except his new body doesn't seem to be equipped for it despite being able to take out a room of bad guys, no problem. He hasn't gotten around to asking Norton why he can graft less-than-half-a-man to a graphene chassis but he can't figure out how replicate shrugging]

This way, Detective.

[And here they go, (Grand) Tour Part II. First stop, vending machines. Alex towers Anne, his head swiveling toward the Coke machine with his torso following half a second later, the motion smooth but segmented in a way that's uncanny valley.]

Always select Sprite. [Alex is sadly proud that he remembers that, what with all the subroutines and protocols swimming around his skull, thanks to Omnicorp. Sometimes it seemed like they crowded out everything else, everyting that made him Alex Murphy and not this RoboCop[] Trust me.
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[Alex demonstrates for Decker, something he probably wouldn’t have done if he was flesh and blood: he selects Coke, the machine rattles and shakes and with a thunk, shoots out a can like an aluminum missile. It would’ve hit him square in the crotch if he hadn’t been granted a few extra inches by his graphene chassis. Now it just slams into his thigh, with enough force that another man would’ve limped off unable to breathe. He remembers a personal encounter with it his first week on the force. Lewis had let him learn the hard way, apparently. Something about tradition.

The Coke bounces off Alex and rolls underneath a filing cabinet, the old, outdated ones people usually just stash stuff into and forget. It’s as much a part of the station as this particular vending machine. “Give it character”, supposedly


[It’d hurt no matter who you were (short of being a cyborg). Alex tracks the can, the HUD’s reticule following its progress. Short of moving the entire cabinet, he can’t reach it, but measuring Decker’s arm length and arm diameter, he thinks she can. His face swivels toward her with that soft whirr]

Mind getting that?
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[Alex has another one of those almost-smiles on his face. The skin around his eyes seems to react slightly more, showing laugh lines.]

Pretty sure this machine would kick that one’s ass, Detective.

[At the subject of drinking, Alex shakes his head, a surprisingly human gesture he has to actively remind himself to do. His instinct these days is to go too-still, to conserve his resources and attention to the things that really mattered. Jack had to remind him to remember to nod and shake his head and work on the shrugging thing because it was the little things like that which still spooked the other officers. They wanted reminders he was still Alex inside, not just a robot wearing his face and using his voice.]

I can’t drink. [Alex wishes he could. Wishes he could say “don’t” instead of “can’t”. But no stomach means no Coke and he’s not even sure what would happen if he tried to drink it anyway. It could either hit delicate circuitry and fry his insides or it could just make a sticky mess and piss off Dr. Norton once he opened the chassis up and got hit in the face with days old Coke.] Probably better to toss it.
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[And there’s that look – or, rather, that pause. The one where most people have that silence that lasts for a few seconds too long to not be awkward, the one where Alex guesses they’re trying to figure out what to say to a cyborg. Like they’re not sure what’s kosher, topic-wise. Maybe wondering if he has it in him to care]

I don’t. [That’s not all that’s missing, Alex thinking of “plumbing” and sighing mentally] I’m guessing that wasn’t a priority when they were getting my rig together.

[He never did ask if that was intentional – because more body functions was inconvenient, inefficient – or they really couldn’t save the majority of his body. Alex’s is still working on it, the whole coming to terms thing. He focuses on Decker, the Coke in her hand, the HUD’s reticules highlighting facial expression and basic body language cues. Curious. Wanting to know more. Not the same vaguely threatened body language he’s seen from a few of the other cops in the station]