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He's trying to smooth talk me into a game

Oh, no. Don't blame me for the fact you review my canon for hours at a time. That's not on me.

You are, however, now familiar enough with the workings of the Foundation to see that clearly people from my universe are, as your people put it, 'genre savvy'. We accept things so far out of the norm that someone from another world would go mad from the idea; more than that, we take those things and study them. I have been personally working at this for well over two centuries. There are plenty of places that could use that knowledge.

As for my part, of course, I have my own motivations. But you knew what those were when you took me in all those months ago. My goals wouldn't ever coincide with harming the inhabitants of other games, unlike most of your muses, and since you said you'd like to tone down the level of violence in your RPing, I really am legitimately a better choice here. We could both profit greatly from this venture. I'll even overlook your continual jokes about me being a 'mad scientist' just because of one grossly misunderstood incident that happened before your own grandparents were even born.

Now. Let's find a game that allows for people from my canon, yes?
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Oh, how interesting.

I will admit I don't know what to think of you.
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Well, on the one hand, you science types-- people who make it their life's work to discredit superstition and pure belief by emphasizing the need for proof and rationality-- make my life more difficult. But on the other hand... the stories of that foundation of yours has led to a lot of sleepless nights.

So, answer your own question. Should you take it as a compliment?
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Not truth. Fear.
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Mm, sometimes. But truth isn't necessary for fear.
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Of course, but you're misunderstanding. I didn't say it wasn't useful, only that it's not necessary.

And you can disagree with that all you want, but I happen to be right.
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Take it from someone who is in the business of fear-- it's never gone; not completely. It's only repressed, lying in wait and ready to spring out again at a moment's notice.

[Saying this all in a creepily casual way.]