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He will be insufferable now

I really don't see what the problem is. I'm back and that's the end of it.

You shouldn't think me cruel, after all you're hardly one to talk. Putting your [air quotes] "muses" through all sorts of perils and dangers, killing them off and bringing them back again.

Don't pretend you didn't miss me. Pretending you'd forgotten.

The important that the moustache is gone for good.
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...That's the important thing? Two years of undoing Moriarty's evil network and your name finally getting cleared and THAT's what you focus on? John's facial hair?
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[She saw it when John first started growing it. She never saw the finished product.]

I'm just saying, there are slightly more important things...I mean, you weren't here, Sherlock. You don't know what it was like, all those people believing those horrid things about you....
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I know but that doesn't mean you can just- [Taking the offered phone photo interrupts her, and she starts to smile, chuckling.] Well that's... it could've been worse! I mean, I think he looks sort of distinguished...

[He looks like your dad in the '70s, Molly. Be real.]
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Well....maybe a little, b-but a very nice old man!
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It really was dreadful, wasn't it?
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I believe that may be an insult to dead caterpillars.
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[ that's a .. difficult question. she sidesteps it neatly, however. ]

Do you care what I thought?
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I had hoped. But, I'm afraid you had me quite fooled.

[ and she had mourned him, though carrying on had never been her style. so, really, she's a bit cross with you herself. ]
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Oh, stop.

[ she's rolling her eyes now. ]

You don't need to look that impressed.