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Happy New Year...sort of?

...You know, while you're all celebrating the new year like it's some grand event, Ra has fought the serpent Apep and made his journey through the river of the underworld 365 times over.

Just think about it, h-heh heh heh... When he fails, the skies turns stormy, but it's only temporary right? You can rest easy! But Apep's not the only demon that can swallow up the sun. There are other, much more permanent ways of extinguishing it!
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[Hello, Thief King. Meet a female version your future host.]

A new year is oftentimes a time for people to reflect on how they have done the past year and find ways to make the next year a better one. [Even if that time of reflection is spent shooting off fireworks.]

But the story of Ra is pretty cool, though.
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[And she's just gonna stand here, being oogled by him. Don't worry, she gets that a lot from other Bakuras and Thief Kings. Doesn't mean she likes it any better.]

It's... normal, for girls to have boobs. [And yes, they are really real.]
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[Yep, gets that a lot too. Just keeps a straight, calm face.]

I'm a different version of Bakura Ryou. My mun has... really become attached to this version of me... the one that's female. She does have a regular, male version around here somewhere...
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[Well, there was this one female Thief King she played with a while back and there was some pretty hot girl on girl-Okay, that's enough boob poking! Expect that hand to be swatted and her backing away, protectively moving her arms over her chest. That enough jumpiness! for you?]

He's a lot more of a man than a lot of other men that I've known.
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[Well, sorry about that, then.]

[Also, so totally not a joke.]

He is not pathetic! He stood up for and defended his friends as much as he could! [Even if after all his efforts, he gets tossed to the side and forgotten about, even when he genuinely wanted to help one of his friends, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh spirit or not. Basically being told that you're evil and you would bring nothing to the mission after being through so much to even get to that point... it'd probably make anyone break down.]

It takes true courage to stand with your friends against all odds.
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[Ask nicely, and you might be able to join in next time.]

...You're not even listening, are you? [Sigh. No one else does either.]
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[With sprinkles and a cherry on top?]

[Pout. Pout. Pouuuuuuut.]

Nevermind. [Not that it was that important anyway. Just calling her male self pathetic indirectly is calling her pathetic too.]
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[Can't help being cute. She's a Ryou. She's cute by default. Being a girl increases that default quite a bit.]

My male self is supposed to look feminine, supposedly to contrast when... he's taken over. My mun just took it one step further and changed the gender completely. [And she means, completely completely. 100% girl, this one is.]
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[They're not even huge tits, just average sized. And don't think she doesn't see where your eyes are going. Just for that, she's keeping a hand on her skirt.

[No peeking.]


My mun had that as an idea for a thread once, where a bad guy would actually shoot off part of my hair with a gun. It didn't get very far though.

Besides, she actually prefers my male self with short hair.
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Just his, really, and when he's older. She prefers me to keep the long hair. Not sure why, though.

[She's keeping her hand on that skirt, no matter what, especially with how he was staring. No mysteriously gaining heat vision or x-ray vision while she's here. Nope. You are not peeking or feeling under that skirt!]

On the contrary, some women can be quite intimidating.

No it's not. :|

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Thank you. :|

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[Somewhere far from here, Ryou is feeling the inexplicable urge to kick the thief king in the shins.

It must be a Thursday.]
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[He totally has it in him. He's just polite enough to tolerate your shit.]
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[Don't push your luck. Even the fluffy have their melting points. Your problem, TK, is that you associate tolerance with passiveness...]


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