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So let me get this straight

You watch the show for the first time finally cause you missed out on it when yous was little, right? Now you're thinkin' off pickin' me up and sendin' me to some game. Not that I ain't grateful that you picked me out of everyone but...why?

I mean, I got a good gig back in Acmetopolis. Sure, some games might need a hero but I need my team for that. If you find em all and can get them in one place? Sure. I'll go. But until then, you just focus on all those other guys you got out there. They needs your attention too.

Guess that's my fifty...uh...whadda call it? Cents? Yeah. That. I mean, it ain't the currency I'm used to but I guess that'll work.

Talk ta ya later munny old pal.
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No-she's-afraid-to-commit-to-long-term-games-but-she's-been-here-and-at-[community profile] bakerstreet-several-times-before-with-other-characters-and-now-that-I'm-here-too-I-hope-I'll-get-a-turn-or-two-what-games-are-your-mun-looking-at-for-you?
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